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Dishwasher repair

Dishwashers offer a great deal of convenience, cleaning your dishes instead of you. However, a broken-down or poorly running dishwasher is anything but convenient. That’s where Total Appliance Repair dishwasher repair service professionals come in! From extended wash cycles to drain problems, a variety of issues may be keeping your dishwasher from giving you the quality results you expect. Our expert technicians are here to help you identify the issue and perform a dishwasher repair. 

We offer dishwasher repairs Sydney wide as well as around the CBD. We are really good at repairing dishwashers, that’s why we’re one of Australia’s leading domestic appliance repair companies. Over the years, we have built up an extensive amount of experience and knowledge and are now approved by many of the leading manufacturers who trust us to carry out repairs to their machines on their behalf.

No matter which dishwasher repairer comes on-site, they’ll be ready to attend to your machine fast. We can come out to you the next day on most occasions, even the same day sometimes, and carry common spare parts to increase every chance of getting your dishwasher fixed during our first visit; whether it’s a dishwasher repair in Sydney or somewhere else in the country.

Your dishwasher may have a fault which you are not able to fix yourself. If this happens you will need to seek the services of a professional dishwasher repair engineer. Please be careful who you choose to repair your appliance.

Potential problems

Cloudy glassware

Cloudiness may indicate user error (i.e., poor rinsing before loading) or extremely hard water that may require a softener. Our technicians can quickly get to the bottom of this and perform an adequate dishwasher repair Sydney wide!

Dishes are not properly cleaned at the end of a cycle

Blocked spray armholes, a worn pump assembly or wash impeller, or a burned-out heating element are just some of the causes of dishes not being adequately cleaned. Ask our experts to repair your dishwasher problems no matter which one arises.

Wash cycles run too long

If your dishwasher runs too long, it may be having difficulty completing the cycle—either due to a defective thermostat or a malfunctioning timer. Our dishwasher repair experts will troubleshoot it for you.

What’s next

Book the repair

The minute you notice something is wrong with your dishwasher, be it one of the problems we’ve listed or any other potential problem, you should call us and book a repair.

Repair process

Your repair has already started back when you called us, and when you scheduled the visit with our repair engineers servicing your dishwasher fault(s) to see if there are any spare parts that we can take with us in case they are needed.

Repair Engineer’s visit

Our friendly dishwasher repairer will attend to your faulty dishwasher in no time, detecting the problem and fixing it without trouble. 


Your dishwasher has been repaired and is back up and running. You will be more than satisfied with our service, so if your dishwasher needs repairing don’t wait any longer. Call us today.

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