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The Number #1 Delonghi Repairs in Sydney

Your precious Delonghi appliance seems to be malfunctioning and you cannot imagine one day without it? No worries – Total Appliance Repair team is at your service to check out the problem and discover an immediate solution. 

Delonghi is a market leader in selected kitchen and homecare appliances. The brand is widely recognised for its innovative devices which represent the perfect blend of style and performance. As they operate on a global scale, they have the opportunity to familiarise with different cultures and their needs. Ultimately, they create appliances which successfully meet a variety of requirements. 

Yes, Delonghi uses the best materials and relies on the most advanced design solutions. But despite their best efforts, the strength of their appliances declines over time. After years of quality service, you might walk into your kitchen one day and realise that your dishwasher, stove or oven is not working properly, or worse – that it is not working at all! 

For this reason, Total Appliance Repair has trained its people to perform Delonghi repair services to its clients in Sydney. 

Our Delonghi Repair Services

Total Appliance Repair understands that some of the gadgets we’ve got lying around our home and our kitchen are no longer just a luxury. We’ve gotten so used to them that they are an absolute necessity! 

In the majority of cases, our clients reach us to schedule:

  • Delonghi Oven repairs
  • Delonhi Stove repairs
  • Delonghi Dishwasher repairs

But we offer so much more! We constantly improve and expand our skillset to that we can service your every need.

Why Total Appliance Repair

The reason why we are the local go-to Delonghi repair service is the fact that we choose to use the most practical tools and the best replacement parts when the need for them arises. In that way, we make sure that the repair is successful and the solution we installed is long-term. In fact, we are so confident in our parts that we offer a 24-month warranty. Should anything go wrong with your appliance up to one year after our Delonghi repair service, give us a call and we’ll replace the part we installed free of charge!

No matter what you got for your home – we have the tools and the skillset to help maintain or repair it. 

Get in touch right away!

Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you realise your appliance is not in an operating condition. Total Appliance Repair team strives to answer your calls in no more than two hours and let you know when we can arrive. And no, we won’t be vague about it – our Delonghi repair technicians from Sydney will let you know precisely what time we can arrive and make sure we are not a minute late!

  • FIXED RATE FEES – No Matter How Long It Takes
  • Same Day Service/Quote
  • We Repair Almost Every Brand
  • 2 Years Warranty
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